Sailing the sun in rio 02 - 11 December!

If you ever had a dream, this one is for real...


Let the 9 Day Dream begin....

A special for our Flaka cruising customers

When the daylight fades and the nights get colder, you may find yourself trapped with a big dilemma. Still had those super days in mind when you were sailing the Med, the crystal blue waters and the Bright shining stars...?

We have put a super Sailing Holiday together especially for our Flaka friends. In close cooperation with Joaquin Vasquez from Aproache (our Flaka friend and agent in Madrid), we organise a sailing trip that is beyond any ones dream... December in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil !!!

With modern yachts, all with a captain and well prepared we will sail along the coast of one of the most spectacular countries in the world. Don't miss it.

The area around Ilha Grande, Angra, Paraty and Rio de Janeiro


02.12 Flight from Amsterdam - Paris - London - Madridor Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro! Copa Cabana!

Arrival the same day or early next morning depending on the flight.

03.12 Angra is about 150 km from Rio and Paraty about 240 KM These are the starting points of our sailing cruise in Brazil, 4 boats in Angra dos Reis and five boats in Paraty, ready to explore this wonderful and amazing country.

Our first stop will be the Island Ilha Grande, anchoring in the mystic spot of Praia Grande. Here we meet all boats of Angra and Paraty and awaiting us is a magical world: jungle, mountains, fragrant hibiscus, mangroves and a delicious aroma of wet earth. It is a fishing area, full of colourful boats of the local fishing fleet.
In Ilha Grande any of its small restaurants is excellent to enjoy the superb local cuisine: dinner while we bring you a refreshing carpirinha. No dust but (octopus), casquinha siri (crab shells) and Camarao moqueca (shrimp stew) accompanied by farofa (flour) and rice. For dessert, the cafezinho, which will always be offered, is a symbol of hospitality and deeply rooted tradition.

We continue to sail the island inhabited by macaque monkeys to a small, quiet spot to enjoy a walk through the rainforest.
After the stop we take on the sail, plying islands until we reach the Enseada das Palmas, another wonderful and cove solitary drenched in green-Amazons and surrounded by lush vegetation water,. From there there is a path over the Island which ends at the beautiful beach of Lopes Mendes,

Rumbo NE, to Abrao (the capital of Ilha Grande) pass many small islands that dot the route. The vegetation is overwhelming, just be stunned by the clear sea. It is a huge green lung, a wild paradise...
The vegetation merges with the environment, giant ficus, palms, eucalyptus, mango and crowd birds. Than on to Martines. The vegetation here is more dense, tropical gardens are emerging from the sea and just uncover the land. Only thousands of trees, shrubs and some red flowers catch the eye of the beholder.
Paraty Bay has three marinas. We may dock at one of them (Port Imperial Navy), which is about 2 km from the centre of Paraty. Flanking the entrance to the marina an island studded with trees as floral centre of this giant table sea. Paraty has many islands and tropical paradises like Trindade beach, a former haven for pirates. We are about 241 Km from Rio and some 28,000 people live here. In 1966 it was declared a National Heritage Site by Unesco.
We can not miss the historic centre, a place anchored in time, back in the eighteenth century, with cobbled streets as beautiful as uncomfortable to walk. There are wonderful churches and colonial buildings that will take your breath away.
If we are heading south west toward Mamanguá we pass theIsland Cotton.
We arrived to a closed bay, a sea arm that slides between two spits of land. In this area several rivers flow, the Iiro, the Caiuen, the Turuâo. In the distance two high peaks, Mount Pan de Azucar and Pico da Cajaiba are.
A visit to the mangrove paddling in the dinghy show us a totally unknown nature, it shows the mangrove: mysterious and magical magical with an enormous wildlife
heading north to Cedar Island, we leave behind many islands: Island Rapade, Araujo Island, Isle of Palms ...
Cedar Island is near the mouth of the Taquari river.

On Friday 09.12 we return to where our home-base started. We enjoy a dinner in one of the many local places and are able to explore the beauty of the city. On Saturday we have a transfer back to Rio where a hotel for the night before departure can be arranged.

On the next morning, depending on your destination, you will be transferred back to the Airport and we will wave you goodbye. Unless of course... you decide to stay a bit longer. It is all up to you....

For Whom?

For anyone (m/f) and families who are ready to explore a new world. Sailing skills are nice but not a must. We have plenty of hands but of course you are happy to help out.


December is classed as spring in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, temperatures are fairly warm. At this time of year, the average temperature is 25°C, created by average highs of 29°C during the warmest part of the day and average lows of 22°C after nightfall.

What to bring

Light clothes, rain-jacket, normal shoes, swimming gear, towel, insect repellent, sun protecting cream, hat or cap.


From Amsterdam, Madrid, London € 1.995,00 pp*
From Paris, Frankfurt € 2.195,00 pp*

*Included are tickets, transfer and boats rent with captain and fleet guide with engineer. All Shopping for the yachts is done on the spot and shared. Dinners outside and bars on the way of course are not included. Extension of your stay is possible, prices may vary upon airline and duration of your stay. Please ask.

* If you come with a group or family, we do have some yachts that can be rented exclusively. Please ask!